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Due to professional and personal reasons, I am undergoing a transition in regards to my writing business. I have decided to split up my writing to separate my erotic novels from future works in progress under other genres. Going forward, my erotic romances will be published under the name of M.J. Gayle. Same great, steamy erotic romances just a different name! However, Down and Dirty is through a separate publisher and must remain in Melissa Jackson.

Melissa Jackson will now be associated with future traditional romances, gothic, mainstream, etc. books as well as photography.

Currently, I am working on new covers and re-releasing my previous books, Masquerade and Escapade through Amazon.com. Masquerade is a short, contemporary erotica, and Escapade is a futuristic, fantasy, erotica. My newest book Charade  is in the final stages of pre-publication and I will announce the publication soon. Briefly, this story is set in 17th century Venice, Italy.  If you want to read more about my current available published novels, check out my "Books" page for more information.

I hope that you keep coming back to visit my website. With thousands of fictional tales of paranormal, fantasy, and traditional romance novels brewing in my mind, my dreams, goals and desires are to publish stories from any genre where my creative muse will take me—short or long novels; romantic to erotic; Historical to Contemporary; Paranormal to Fantasy; or Art and Photography. There will be a little something for everyone. Your choices will be limitless! So, come on inside, stay for a spell, and plan to visit often to keep updated on my future releases!

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Originally written for Suite Magazine,  Shutter Lust  is a short, contemporary erotica.

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